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About Me

Well-Rounded Model & Holistic Wellness Advocate


Welcome to my world. Are you someone that’s not easily impressed? That’s great, I love a challenge. My name is Kamala Makoa and I’m here to change the paradigm. 

I have previously been a “front-page” webcam model on My Free Cams (MFC), a very exotic dancer (9 years), a pole dance instructor, a licensed lady of the Nevada desert, and now an independent model & holistic wellness advocate.

I’ve begun my travels around the world: Learning about unique folk medicines and witnessing the inept nature of western medicine; all the while taking everything in that I possibly can. I’ve immersed myself in self-exploration through the Holistic & Shamanic path. The more I travel, the more I realize that I haven’t seen anything yet. Perhaps you are adventurous enough to join me on my next adventure...

My motivations for becoming a model and advocate are unique. If you’re curious, you can discover my inspirations. If you already follow me online, you know that I pride myself in being an open book; one that is written with the intention of sharing the knowledge of Self that I have gained so far.

Who I Am


I am a Micronesian-American Army brat that was born in Germany and raised in a farm town in Michigan; which probably makes me one of the most unique women you’ll ever meet. 

If you’ve ever met a Pacific Islander, you know that our culture is warm and inviting. We maintain a deep connection with Nature and value the importance of matter where that takes you. Stories of my people have even become mainstream now, with cute movies like “Moana.”

I’m a strong, athletic woman; typical of hybrid Pacific Islanders. I have long dark hair and big, dark eyes that look right into yours.

What I offer is a chance to spend time with an exotic woman that knows and values the healing powers of Nature; and this deserves a certain amount of exploration from those that are curious to see what this entails.

I’m a believer in looking at people directly in their eyes, as they are the most telling (and beautiful) feature of a face. I hope you’re the same way. 

Consultation Packages


Each of us is a unique person and we deserve to treat ourselves as such. Because of this, I offer Meet & Greet sessions for initial consultations with new clients. I believe a relaxed and friendly approach is benefical for first impressions.

Public Meet & Greet

*No screening is required for these options only; feel free to book via email*

1 hour: 250

2 hours: 450

Strip Club Date: Inquire

Private Consultations

*Requires screening for My safety and yours*

1.5 hours: 800 (Preferred Minimum)

2 hours: 1,000

1 hour: 600 

Preferred Consultations 

*Requires screening for My safety and yours*

3 hours Lunch Date: 1,500

4 hours Dinner Date: 2,000

6 hours Dinner & A Show: 3,000

Overnight: 4,000 (8+ hours) 

Sunday Funday (Daytime Fun +Dinner & Drinks+ Overnight): 6,000 

Weekend Excursion (48 hours): 10,000

Additional Days: Negotiable 

Non-Exclusive Monthly Arrangement: Negotiable

Exclusive Monthly Arrangement: Negotiable

**Please e-mail for Touring Rates, NDA Requests, Fly Me To You Rates & Personalized Packages**

Meet Kamala

For any questions about my booking process, email me at: (Swiss e-mail)

To book me or to inquire about monthly arrangements, click the link below and I will personally return your message soon.

The point on the map and the address below is a local beach close to me.

If you’d like to send a gift, I love e-gift cards from Gift Rocket! Here’s my account link:

P.S.: I take safety and discretion very seriously. If you choose to send me an inaccurate request, you will not be able to meet with me. Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.

Kamala Makoa

Vanderbilt Beach, 280 Vanderbilt Beach Rd, Naples, Florida 34108, United States

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